Stadiums Of Online Retirees
(60 second audio script)

Baseball is America's pastime just as Social Security is America's cornerstone. Every American knows about baseball, and just about every American is touched by Social Security in one way or another. These days, more fans watch games on their television sets than in person. And more people apply for Social Security online than in an office. In fact, more than half of people applying for retirement benefits now do so online. How many people is that? Imagine your favorite full-sized baseball stadium packed full of cheering fans. That's a lot of people, but not even close. Picture more than 140 full-sized stadiums brimming full of fans. That's how many people have applied online for Social Security retirement benefits. More than six million people! When you're up to bat for retirement, join the millions who have applied for retirement benefits online. You're sure to hit a home run at www dot social security dot gov slash apply online.

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