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Monday April 14, 2003

Jim Courtney, Press Officer

For Immediate Release

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Social Security Online


News Release
A New Name for a New Website

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There is a new place to go -- -- to find a wealth of information about the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) programs and services. SSA’s new Internet address takes you to a redesigned website, "Social Security Online," with a fresh, user-friendly look and feel. The website is easier to navigate, more attractive and more accessible to all visitors, including people with visual or other physical disabilities.

"Everything you want to know about Social Security is now easier to find on SSA’s new website,," said Jo Anne Barnhart, Commissioner of Social Security. "We’ve redesigned our website so that it is better organized and easier for the public to conduct Social Security business online. And our new address is more easily associated with our agency."

One of the most popular Internet services offered by SSA is the online benefits application, where people can apply for retirement, spouse’s and disability benefits via the Internet. This service -- found at -- allows people to conduct business with SSA at a time that is convenient to them and from the comfort of their own home.

"Social Security’s programs touch the lives of nearly every person in America, from the young to the old," said Commissioner Barnhart. " offers online services for children and retirees, and for people at every stage of life in between." provides useful online services and valuable information for all types of people, whether it’s:

    • a young adult first entering the workforce,

    • a new bride,

    • a new parent,

    • a person who has become disabled,

    • a family member who has lost a loved one, or

    • an older person making the transition from work to retirement.

People of all ages and life situations can find an abundance of information in SSA’s publications and Frequently Asked Questions, which can be found easily at SSA’s new, simplified homepage.

Young children and teens can have fun and learn about Social Security at -- SSA’s Kids and Family page.

Workers and people nearing retirement can get estimates of their future Social Security benefits at by clicking on "calculators."

A free, monthly electronic newsletter, eNews, is available at and can be received automatically with a simple online subscription.

People receiving disability benefits, employers and service providers can visit The Work Site at for information about support programs geared towards helping people with disabilities find employment.

Links at cover the gamut of additional online services offered by Social Security, from general services that anyone can use to specific services for beneficiaries and businesses. replaces SSA’s former Internet address (, but people can still get to Social Security Online with either address. The old address will still work for those who have marked SSA’s website as a favorite on their computers.

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NOTE TO CORRESPONDENTS: A fact sheet about the new website is attached.

Note: Copies of most SSA press releases, as well as other Social Security information and statistics,
are available at SSA’s Internet site, Social Security Online, at
Also look there for information on subscribing to SSA’s
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