Supplemental Measures and Targets

Executive Order 13520 gives the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) authority to determine if certain agency programs are high-error. Based on OMB guidelines, the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is high-error, which means that it requires more frequent measures and targets. In compliance with the additional requirements that come with this determination, we have established the following supplemental measures and targets for the SSI program:

FY 2014
SSI - Supplemental Measures and Targets
Type of Error Targets Current Status Next Status Update
Overpayment/Underpayments due to a Change that Affects Payment Amount or Eligibility
Cause: Recipients fail to report a change that affects payment amount or eligibility.

Program Savings: For information on program savings, refer to the fiscal year 2014 Accountable Official’s Report to the Inspector General, which is located under the “Helpful Links” section of this website.  In the report, refer to the SSI Corrective Actions for SSI Non-Medical Redeterminations section on page 11.
By September 30, 2014, complete the budgeted amount of 2,622,000 SSI non-medical redeterminations. We completed over 2.634 million SSI redeterminations in FY 2014. None. We are currently finalizing our FY 2015 targets
Overpayment due to Unreported Wages
Cause: Recipients and deemors fail to report their new or increased wages.

Error Amount: $505 million (88 percent of all wage overpayment deficiency dollars and 10.9 percent of all overpayment deficiency dollars) in FY 2013.
By September 30, 2014, increase the number of successful monthly wage reports we process using SSITWR and SSIMWR by 6.00 percent above the SSITWR successful wage reports received in September 2013. In September 2014, we received over 64,300 successful wage reports via SSITWR and SSIMWR and exceeded our goal. None. We are currently finalizing our FY 2015 targets.