This is an archival or historical document. It may not reflect current policies or procedures.

How long can you work on each page?

There are time limits on each page. You will receive a warning after 25 minutes, but you can extend your time on that page. After the third warning, you must move to another page, or your time will run out and the information you entered on the last page will be lost. However information collected on previous pages will be retained.

If you have turned Javascript off in your browser, you will not receive these warnings, and after 30 minutes on a page, you must go to another page or your time will run out.

What happens if the application shuts down for the day before you finish?

If you are starting this application within an hour of the scheduled shutdown for the day, you may not be able to finish before the system shuts down. To fully protect all possible benefits, you should at least complete the page where we ask for personal identification information for the person applying for benefits (e.g., name, Social Security number, date of birth, etc.).

If you choose to continue with the application at this time and the system shuts down before you finish, only the information on the page you are working on will be lost.

How do you get back into an unfinished application?

You do not need to complete your application all at once. If you can't complete your online application for any reason, you will be able to resume the claim where you left off. We will explain how to do this later on.