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What is Health IT at Social Security?

Health IT at the Social Security Administration is a revolutionary new program bringing the speed and power of electronic medical records to the disability determination process. When a person applies for disability benefits, Social Security must obtain a complete health record in order to make an accurate determination. It potentially takes months for health care organizations to provide records for the patient’s case. With electronic records transmission this could take just days or even minutes. The result? Patients get the help they need faster. Social Security’s health care organization partners reduce costs, streamline operations, and position themselves as leaders in the use of health information technology.

Why Get Involved?

More than 11,000,000 Americans currently receive some form of disability benefits from Social Security. Millions more have applied and await a determination. Social Security’s health IT program will help deserving patients get the assistance they need.

It's Good for Our Partners.

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Partnering with us offers health care organizations the potential to reduce the amount of uncompensated care they provide. Automating the release of information can speed up the disability determination process for patients, which may result in quicker access to public health benefits. Further, by streamlining the request process, partners can re-direct resources away from the labor and time-intensive process of responding to requests for information and toward improving patient care. In addition, partners will save on printing, paper, and postage expenses as well as health information management labor costs.

Is My Organization Eligible?

Right now, Social Security is interested in partnering with health information exchanges (HIEs), hospitals, and other large health care organizations. If your organization considers health information technology to be one of its key priorities and is experienced with electronic medical records exchange, we’d be interested in talking with you about partnering.

What's Next?

Check out our Partners page to see the types of organizations that are working with us.

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