A Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) must:

Be in writing

  • Preferred on form SSA-545
  • Signed by the individual, and, if applicable, the representative payee

State a work goal

  • Must be specific (e.g., carpenter, computer programmer)
  • Can be VR assessment
  • "Getting a degree" or "buying a car" are not acceptable goals
  • Reasonable chance of achieving goal, considering strength and abilities

Contain a reasonable time frame

  • Must have projected beginning and ending dates
  • Must have milestones indicating interval steps
  • Last step must indicate how job will be obtained

Have expenses that are necessary to achieve the work goal

  • Must have additional expenses other than everyday living expenses
  • Expenses must be reasonably priced
  • Major expenses (e.g., vehicle) can be paid through down payment and installment payments
  • Expenses must be paid by beneficiary