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Indexing factors for eligibility year

February 14, 2016

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Average Wage Index

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When we compute a person's benefit, we use the national average wage indexing series to index that person's earnings. The factors shown below can be used to closely approximate the indexed earnings for workers

  • born in (and thus becoming eligible in ), or
  • who die or become disabled in .

Using the factors

Multiply the worker's earnings in a year by the factor for that year to get the indexed earnings.


  1. Earnings after , if any, are not indexed.
  2. Benefit estimates done with the rounded factors shown here may not agree with Social Security's computations due to the rounding.
  3. The first possible year for which we index earnings is 1951. We thus show indexing factors starting with 1951, or, if later, the year in which the worker becomes one year old.

Indexing factors
Year Factor
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