Currently, we are allowing only a limited number of Appointed Representatives to enroll for access to electronic folders for cases pending at the Hearing and Appeals Council level. Duplications of Form SSA-1699 marked specifically for e-Folder Access that are submitted by uninvited representatives will be processed as requests for direct payment of authorized fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to complete Form SSA-1699?

An attorney or non-attorney eligible for direct payment of authorized fees may complete and submit Form SSA-1699, even if he or she is not representing a claimant at this time.

If you have already registered with us as an appointed representative and need to update your information, you must complete Form SSA-1699. Use the REP ID you received at registration rather than your SSN when completing Form SSA-1699 for updating your information.

Do you need to update your registration information?

You may update your registration information by completing a new Form SSA-1699 if your personal, professional, or business affiliation information changes. This includes information related to disbarments, suspension, or sanctions.

How to fill out and submit Form SSA-1699

Open the PDF document, type your responses, and print the form. Review the entire form for accuracy and sign all attestations. We return incomplete forms. This will cause a delay in registration.

Fax the completed form to (877) 268-3827. Do not fax more than one form at a time.

Note: We recommend you type your responses so we can accurately collect your registration information. SSA fill-in PDF forms use the features provided with Adobe Acrobat products.

What happens after you submit Form SSA-1699?

A specialized unit of technicians in Baltimore processes your registration information. SSA returns the form if critical elements have been omitted (representative name, address, SSN or REP ID, signatures). An SSA technician will attempt to contact you if essential information is missing that warrants a pen-and-ink change (EIN, notice address, tax address, etc.).

Once your registration is successfully processed, we will mail a notice of confirmation and a USER and REP ID to you. The notice will explain your next steps.

Is direct payment the same as direct deposit?

Direct payment is for representatives who want to receive their authorized fees directly from Social Security Administration rather than from their claimants.

Attorney representatives are eligible for direct payment of authorized fees as long as they complete a one-time registration using Form SSA-1699 and submit Form SSA-1695 Identifying Information for Possible Direct Payment of Authorized Fees for each claimant they represent before SSA.

Non-attorney representatives who want direct payment must meet certain prerequisites. More information is available on the Attorneys & Appointed Representatives page

Questions about the registration process?

Call 1-800-772-6270 for assistance. If you are hearing impaired call our TTY number at 1-800-325-0078. You may also visit SSA Online Answers.

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