Chapter I-4-3. Court Remands

Table of Contents

I-4-3-1Court Remand Orders — General
I-4-3-2Clerical Procedures for Incoming Remand Orders — CCPRB
I-4-3-3Clerical Procedures for Incoming Remand Orders — Cases Referred by CCPRB to OAO Branches
I-4-3-10Consideration of Appeal or Reargument
I-4-3-30Determining Whether Appeals Council Review Is Required
I-4-3-31CCPRB Determination That Appeals Council Review Not Required
I-4-3-32Appeals Council Review Required — Analyst Recommends Action on Court Remanded Case
I-4-3-34Submitting AC Remand Orders for Appeals Council Review
I-4-3-35Appeals Council Remand Orders — Releasing
I-4-3-40Special Procedures for Time-Limited Remands
I-4-3-41Time-Limited Remand Report
I-4-3-42Special Procedures for Delayed Cases
I-4-3-43Special Procedures for Critical Cases
I-4-3-44Special Notices for the Blind or Visually Impaired
I-4-3-45Threats of Violence by Claimants and Others
I-4-3-50Court Remands to Locate or Reconstruct the Administrative Record
I-4-3-60Motions for Clarification of Appeals Council Remand Orders After Court Remand
I-4-3-80Appeals Council Decisions — General
I-4-3-81Appeals Council Decisions — Analysis and Recommendation
I-4-3-82Appeals Council Decisions — Tone and Substance
I-4-3-83Appeals Council Decisions — OHA Headquarters Development
I-4-3-84Appeals Council Decisions — Profert
I-4-3-85Appeals Council Decisions — Writing
I-4-3-87Appeals Council Decisions — Preparation
I-4-3-88Appeals Council Decisions — Appeals Council Action
I-4-3-89Appeals Council Decisions — Releasing
I-4-3-99Exhibit - Sample Appeals File Folder
I-4-3-100Exhibit - Request for Detailed or Summary Earnings Record
I-4-3-101Exhibit - Appeals Council Order Remanding Court Case — Standard Language
I-4-3-102Exhibit - Appeals Council Order Remanding Court Case — De Novo Hearing Needed
I-4-3-105Exhibit - Remand Cover Letter
I-4-3-106Exhibit - Court Remand Case Flag
I-4-3-107Exhibit - Time-Limited Remand/Delayed Case Form
I-4-3-108Exhibit - Time Limit Case Flag
I-4-3-109Exhibit - Delayed Case Flag
I-4-3-110Exhibit - General Writing Guidelines
I-4-3-111Exhibit - Request for Medical Comments
I-4-3-112Sample — Letter Advising Claimant of Proffer Through the Field Office
I-4-3-113Sample — List of Additional Evidence
I-4-3-114Sample — Memorandum to Field Office With Copy of Posthearing Evidence
I-4-3-115Sample — Examination of Evidence
I-4-3-116Exhibit - Destination Codes and Addresses for Claim File Shipment in Favorable Decision Court Cases
I-4-3-117Exhibit - Instructions for Separating Concurrent DIB/SSI Files