Chapter I-4-1. New Court Cases

Table of Contents

I-4-1-1Introduction to Judicial Review of Social Security Cases
I-4-1-2Commencing a Civil Action
I-4-1-10Receipt of Notice of Suit
I-4-1-12Obtaining Files and Recordings
I-4-1-14Obtaining Transcripts of Hearing Recordings
I-4-1-25CCPRB Analyst Review — Non-Screening Procedures
I-4-1-30Declarations — General
I-4-1-31Declarations — Untimely Filed Complaint
I-4-1-32Declarations — Failure to Exhaust Administrative Remedies
I-4-1-33Declarations — Res Judicata
I-4-1-35Declarations — Other
I-4-1-36Preparation and Release of Declarations
I-4-1-40Miscellaneous New Court Case Actions
I-4-1-41Complaints Filed Following Court Remand
I-4-1-42Expedited Appeals Process (EAP)
I-4-1-43Equal Access to Justice Act
I-4-1-44Class Actions
I-4-1-46Extensions of Time
I-4-1-50Court Records Assistant Review and Assembly of Administrative Record in Preparation of Certification — An Overview
I-4-1-51Initial Screening by Court Records Assistant
I-4-1-52Assembly of Procedural Material
I-4-1-53Transcript of Oral Hearing
I-4-1-54Evidentiary Documents (Exhibits)
I-4-1-55Numbering and Indexing the Administrative Record
I-4-1-56Certification of the Administrative Record
I-4-1-57Sending the Record to Reprographics Staff
I-4-1-58Special Situations
I-4-1-60Reprographics Staff Functions and Responsibilities
I-4-1-62Certified Administrative Record Duplication
I-4-1-65Contracts Staff Functions and Responsibilities
I-4-1-66Sending Recordings to the Contractor
I-4-1-67Returned Transcripts
I-4-1-68Recording Audit
I-4-1-70Retention of Claim Files in OAO Branches Following Preparation of the Certified Administrative Record
I-4-1-80Role of OGC and U.S. Attorney
I-4-1-90Exhibit - LOTS Generated Request for Reprographic Services
I-4-1-91Exhibit - Sample Annotated Exhibit List — Non-Six Part Folder
I-4-1-92Exhibit - Sample Annotated Exhibit List — Six Part Folder
I-4-1-93Exhibit - Sample Certified Administrative Record
I-4-1-94Exhibit - Standard Certification Form
I-4-1-95Exhibit - Modified Certification Form
I-4-1-96Exhibit - Illustration - Proper Assembly - Certified Administrative Record
I-4-1-97Exhibit - Disposition of Claim File Charts
I-4-1-98Exhibit - Request for Recording Audit
I-4-1-99Exhibit - Certified Administrative Record Copy Requirements
I-4-1-100Exhibit - Illustration of Assembly of Administrative Record for a “C” Case
I-4-1-101Exhibit - OGC Certified Administrative Record Transmittal Sheet
I-4-1-102Exhibit - Transcript Contractor Report
I-4-1-103Exhibit - Memorandum Advising CCPRB of Audit
I-4-1-104Exhibit - Legal Clerk's Memo Following Recording Audit Non-Blank Recording
I-4-1-105Exhibit - Legal Clerk's Memo Following Recording Audit-Blank Recording
I-4-1-106Exhibit - Fill-in Draft Memorandum to OGC Requesting Remand
I-4-1-107Exhibit - Transcript Request Form
I-4-1-108Exhibit - Memorandum to OGC Requesting Defense on the Record
I-4-1-109Exhibit - Fill-in Draft Declaration — Untimely — Any Title (DCL 11)
I-4-1-110Exhibit - Documentation of Civil Action Filing Date Memo for File
I-4-1-111Exhibit - Fill-in Draft Declaration-Failure to Exhaust (DCL 12)
I-4-1-112Exhibit - Fill-in Draft Declaration — Res Judicata — (DCL 13)
I-4-1-113Exhibit - Pre-printed Routing and Transmittal Slip for Declarations
I-4-1-114Exhibit - Fill-in Memorandum to OGC — Duplicate Complaint
I-4-1-115Exhibit - LOTS Generated NCC Claims Request Form
I-4-1-116Exhibit — Office of the General Counsel's Regional and Headquarters Jurisdictional Assignments (Effective April 2003)