Chapter I-3-5. Denial of Request for Review

Table of Contents

I-3-5-10Recommendation to Deny Review of an ALJ's Decision
I-3-5-20Consideration of Additional Evidence
I-3-5-30Consideration of Legal Arguments or Contentions
I-3-5-40Preparation of a Denial Notice
I-3-5-41Denial Notice Returned As Undeliverable
I-3-5-50Appeals Council Receives Additional Evidence After Issuing Denial of Request for Review
I-3-5-55Death of Claimant Shortly After Denial of Request for Review
I-3-5-70Recommendation to Deny Request for Review of ALJ's Dismissal
I-3-5-80Additional Evidence or Legal Arguments or Contentions
I-3-5-82Social Security Rulings and Acquiescence Rulings
I-3-5-85Notice of Denial — ALJ Dismissed in Part
I-3-5-90Exhibit — Memorandum dated July 20, 1995, Subject: The Request for Review Workload, from the Executive Director, Office of Appellate Operations