§ 435.82. Appeal of decision of ACOAG.

(a) Timeliness of appeal to Commissioner. A grantee may appeal an adverse decision rendered by the ACOAG by submitting to the Commissioner of Social Security a written request for review of the ACOAG's decision. The written request for review must be received by the Commissioner no later than 15 calendar days after the date of the ACOAG's adverse decision. Any request for review that is filed after the fifteenth day will be dismissed as untimely. The grantee should also send a copy of the request for review to the ACOAG.

(b) Content of appeal to Commissioner. The written request for review should fully explain why the grantee disagrees with the ACOAG's decision, state the pertinent facts and law relied upon, and provide any relevant documentation in support of the grantee's position. A copy of the ACOAG's decision should also be appended to the request for review.

(c) Decision of Commissioner. The Commissioner, or the Commissioner's delegate, will issue a written decision on the request for review. Generally, the decision will be issued within 90 calendar days of the date of receipt of the request for review. If a decision is not issued within 90 days, the Commissioner, or the Commissioner's delegate, will inform the grantee in writing when a decision can be expected.

(d) Final decision of SSA. The decision of the Commissioner, or of the Commissioner's delegate, shall be the final decision of the Social Security Administration on the matter(s) in dispute.