Benefit payments presented in the following technical reports do not include payments for vocational rehabilitation services nor are the benefit amounts reduced for reimbursements of unnegotiated checks.

Technical Reports on Social Security Benefits
Report nameDescription (see notes below)
Includes total payments, current-payment amounts, retroactive payments, and, for OASI fund only, lump-sum death payments
Includes total payments, cyclical payment amounts, Medicare premiums deducted from benefits
Cyclical payments by payment method


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  1. The benefit composition report includes benefits in current payment status. Such benefits
    • are before deduction of Medicare premiums, and
    • represent payable benefits at the middle of the prior month and do not capture changes from that point in time until payments are made.
    The difference between total benefits and the amounts in current payment status is the amount of retroactive payments.
  2. The payment summary report includes the actual amounts paid to beneficiaries under cyclical payment procedure. The report also includes Medicare premiums that were deducted from benefits.
  3. The cyclical payment report provides more detail on the cyclical payments that are available through the "payment summary" report. Specifically, it provides a split of the cyclical payments by payment method—paper checks versus direct deposit.