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About the Online Form

What are the benefits to completing the form online?

  • You get an immediate confirmation message when we receive it from you.

  • You do not need to fill out a paper form.

  • We offer online features to help you complete your report.

  • You can keep your user ID and password to report online in future years.

  • You can print and store a copy for your records.
  • How do I complete the representative payee forms online?

    First, obtain a User ID and password by registering via Business Services Online (BSO).

    Second, use the paper form to obtain four identifying items to access the online form.

    Third, complete the online form, using the online edits as needed.

    Finally, submit the completed form.

    Who may complete the form online?

    Any representative payee or employee representing an organization serving as a representative payee for a beneficiary. If you received a form SSA-623, SSA-6230, or SSA-6234, you may complete the form online.

    How much time do I have to complete the online accounting report?

    If you leave the webpage inactive for more than 25 minutes, we will give you a time-limit warning. If you take no action after 5 minutes of receiving the warning, we will end your session.

    Do I need to complete the online form in one sitting?

    Yes. The online form asks the same questions on the paper form. Answering the questions in one sitting ensures you can submit the form to SSA in a timely manner.

    Will I get a receipt or a confirmation after completing the form?

    Yes. After submitting the form, you will receive immediate confirmation we received your report. You will also receive a confirmation number. You should record this confirmation number and keep it in a safe place. SSA employees cannot access your confirmation number, but we can check the system to verify we received updated information.

    How long can I store a completed form?

    You can access the completed form for up to 30 days after you submit the form to SSA. You can also print and/or save a copy in PDF for your records.

    When may I access the payee form online?

    You may access the payee form online after you receive the paper form in the mail. Because you need to enter information from the paper form online, you cannot access the online form until you receive the form in the mail.

    Can a report be printed for review before being submitted?

    No, you can only print a report after you submitted it to us. However, prior to submitting the form, we present you the opportunity to edit the form on the report summary page.

    About Registration

    What information do I need to register for a User ID and password?

    We will ask you information that identifies you and your contact information. We will also ask you five questions to verify your identity if you forget your password.

    What are the four items needed from the paper form?

    SSN - Social Security Number, the number holder's Social Security number on whose account benefits are payable

    TAA - Total Accountable Amount, the amount of money you received on behalf of the beneficiary plus any saved funds that were reported on the last accounting report

    ID – Individual Recipient Identification Code, this code identifies the type of SSI eligibility and type of recipient

    BIC - Beneficiary Identification Code, this code identifies the type of Social Security benefits payable

    How long does it take to get a user ID?

    We will display a screen showing your User ID within seconds after you successfully register.

    Do individual payees need to complete the registration process?

    Yes. Business Services Online requires all users of its applications to register for a User ID and password. The online accounting report is housed under business services online. The registration process identifies you as an individual.

    Organizations Filing Online

    Why does the registration process require employees of organizational payees to enter their own SSN to obtain a User ID?

    SSA requires employees of organizations/businesses to register using their own SSN in order to verify the employee/employer relationship. We need to verify this information to help ensure we are receiving the payee report from the representative payee of the beneficiary. Additionally, the registration process does not allow organizations to register for a User ID.

    Can an organizational payee have multiple employees register for access to these forms?

    Yes. Organizational payees may have multiple employees register. If the employee has worked for the organization for at least the last two years, the employee may receive the User ID online. If the employee is new, you may need to call us to register. Again, if you have questions about registration and represent an organizational payee, please call SSA at 800-772-6270 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (EST) on business days.

    Can employees of organizational payees access the forms of all the forms completed by the other employees of the organizational payee?

    No. Employees may only access forms they completed on behalf of the organizational payee. The completed forms are only available online for 30 days.

    Should different employees for organizational payees register for his/her own User ID to complete the online accounting reports?

    Yes. Each employee of an organization must have his/her own User ID. Since the User IDs require personal information and your own personalized password, you must not share them with anyone else. DO NOT USE THE SAME USER ID FOR MULTIPLE EMPLOYEES.

    Does an organizational payee need to have more than one employee registered?

    No. Each organizational payee may determine how many employees may register for access. For example, if an organization Is split into seven networks, it may have seven separate employees or assign one or two employees to oversee all payee forms online.

    If I already signed up for a User ID to access other services on Business Services Online, such as verifying Social Security numbers or annual wage reporting, do I need to sign up again to access the payee forms online?

    No. If you already have a User ID, you do not have to obtain a separate User ID. You may log in and select Request New Services from the left menu. On the resulting page, select access to "Internet Representative Payee Suite."

    General Questions

    Can I still complete the form online if I lost/misplaced the paper form I received in the mail?

    You may still be able to use the online form. Contact your local FO or the National 800# and after we identify you, ask us to provide you with the TAA, ID, and BIC.

    If I complete the form online, will I still receive the paper form in the mail next year?

    Yes. At this time, SSA will continue to mail the paper forms to you each year. This is how you will know when you need to complete the payee report. You also need the paper form in order to access the online form. However, once you complete your online report, you may discard the paper payee form you used to access it. We will send you a new payee form, with different information to access the online report the following year.

    Once I complete the form online, will SSA require me to always complete the forms online?

    No. We will continue to mail you the paper forms and you may choose to complete it by mail or via the Internet.

    I entered remarks in the "General Remarks" section and they did not print out on my copy. Did SSA receive my additional remarks?

    Yes. The online accounting reports prints summary of all the information you provides us, except for any remarks you listed in the "General Remarks" section. However, SSA receives these remarks in our systems. SSA may update this functionality to include "General Remarks" in the printed summary in a future release.

    May I send in the paper form if I do not access the Internet or decide not to use the online accounting report?

    Yes. You must send in a completed paper form if you decide not to complete the online form.

    Is there a way to apply to become a representative payee online?

    No, at this time, you may not apply to become a representative payee online. SSA conducts these interviews in-person and we will help you complete form SSA-11 to serve as a representative payee. We conduct these interviews in person to help us evaluate your ability to oversee benefits in the best interest of the beneficiaries.

    What if I have other questions about the online accounting report?

    The online accounting report contains “help” sections and edits to help you complete the form and will likely answer most of your questions.

    If you have questions about registration and represent an organizational payee, please call SSA at 800-772-6270 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (EST) on business days. If you are an individual payee, please call SSA at 800-775-7802 between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. People who are hearing impaired may call our toll-free "TTY" number, 1-800-325-0778 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (EST) on business days.

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