Small & Disadvantaged Business

Partial Listing of Active Contracts

This is a partial listing of awards made by the Office of Acquisition and Grants (OAG). It represents the most frequently requested information from vendors interested in doing business with SSA. This is not a complete list of all contracts awarded by OAG. This list does not include: modifications, delivery orders, and task orders against the Social Security Administration (SSA) contracts; or calls and orders against blanket purchase agreements.

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Service / Product / Category Contractor’s Name & Location where the supplies and / or services are provided Contract Number Expiration Date
Actuarial Services No Contractual Needs
Architect & Engineering Services Smith Group Mid-Atlantic
SS00-11-60044 08/31/2016
  Bell Architects, P.C.
Baltimore, MD
SS00-11-60039 08/31/2015
Asphalt and Concrete Repairs SJLL/Fallsway JV, LLC
SS00-12-60089 09/27/2017
Background Check on Contract Employees USIS
SS00-10-40035 08/31/2015
Cabling Services Dynamic Concepts, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
SS00-10-60087 09/18/2015
Call Center MCI Communications Services
Baltimore, MD
0600-00-40649 08/19/2013
Carpet Installation & Removal Admiral Elevator Company
Baltimore, MD
SS00-10-60042 04/13/2015
Copiers & Copier Maintenance Konica Minolta Business Solution Medium Volume Color Copiers
Baltimore, MD
SS00-08-40032 09/28/2014
Court Reporter Services Custom Court Services
Verbatim Hearing Recording
Region III
Dr. H. Thomas Unger – 410-821-8308
SS03-11-40027 12/31/2014
  5 Star Translations
Verbatim Hearing Recordings
Region V
Dr. Caroline M. Poplin, 301-229-6938
SS05-11-40054 09/30/2015
Custodial Services   Allied Services
Wilkes-Barre Data Operations Center
Wilkes Barre, PA
SS00-08-60128 06/30/2018
  Chimes District of Columbia
Metro West Bldg.,
Baltimore, MD
SS00-08-60002 11/30/2013
  Crossroads Diversified
Richmond, CA
SS00-07-60045 06/30/2017
  FedCap Rehabilitation Services
Jamaica, NY
SS00-09-60002 09/30/2018
  Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake, Inc.
Operations & West Bldgs.
Baltimore, Md.
Gerald Grasso – (410) 837-1800 X 162
SS00-08-60004 02/28/2018
  Life Bridge Health, Inc.
Altmeyer Bldg.
Baltimore, MD
Lisa Mules
SS00-06-60000 09/30/2015
Document Scanning ACS Federal Solutions, LLC
Fairfax, VA
SS00-10-40027 05/31/2015
Elevator Maintenance Admiral Elevator
Elevator/Escalator Maintenance
Baltimore, MD
SS00-08-60130 07/31/2013
Environmental Services Aerosol Monitoring & Analysis
(Asbestos Air / Bulk Sample Service)
SS00-05-60023 06/24/2013
  L & M Construction, Inc.
(Asbestos Renovation & Removal)
Baltimore, MD
Alan Auslaender 301-808-2481
SS00-09-60030 07/23/2014
EO Investigative Services Crossroads Mediation Services
SS00-09-40021 05/10/2014
  JDG Associates
SS00-09-40020 05/10/2014
  Resolution Services, LLC
SS00-09-40018 05/10/2014
Financial Services Deloitte & Touche
Baltimore, MD
SS00-08-40025 06/25/2013
Furniture Herman Miller, Inc.
Systems Furniture Installation
SS00-12-60003 01/04/2017
  Interior Resource Group
Executive & Non Executive Seating
SS00-11-40152 07/31/2016
Executive & Non-Executive Seating
SS00-11-40155 08/14/2016
Various Types of Furniture
SS00-11-BOA02 07/31/2016
Grounds Maintenance ARC Baltimore, Inc., The
Baltimore, Maryland
Don Watts – 410-653-3252
SS00-08-60012 08/31/2017
Health Care Services Chesapeake Occupational Health Services
Occupational Medical Testing
Lisa Marchsteiner at
SS00-11-60010 12/10/2015
  Physician Eye Care Center
Optometric Examination Services
Jean Creman 410-646-9483
SS00-10-40016 03/09/2015
  The Walman Optical Company
Optician Services
Peter Precht at 800-638-5098
SS00-10-40021 03/09/2015
Help Desk Evolver, Inc.
Contract Support
Baltimore, MD
SS00-11-60052 09/28/2018
Information Technology Accenture National Security Services
Emerging Technology Application
SS00-10-60113 09/28/2017
  Computer Science Corporation
Application & Validation Software
Engineering & System Adminstration
SS00-10-60107 09/28/2017
  Koniag Services, Inc.
Systems Operation Support Services
Baltimore, MD
Ronald Wilkinson -
SS00-09-60009 02/28/2014
  Koniag Services, Inc.
Assistive Technology for Employees with Disabilities
Charles Dennis –
SS00-12-31179 09/27/2013
  Lockheed Martin
IT Support Services - Nationwide
SS00-10-60108 09/28/2017
    Northrop Grumman
IT Support Services
SS00-10-60082 09/28/2017< 
  Lockheed Martin
Disability Case Processing System
Baltimore, Md
SS00-11-60002 12/20/2016
Labor Services RGFCC
Robert G.  Flowers – 301-839-3603
SS00-12-60001 07/31/2016
Local Area Network Relocation Services Reliasource, Inc.
Joe Zaramski –
SS00-10-60021 06/30/2017
Mail Services Bankers Business Management Services, Inc.
SS00-08-60085 06/10/2015
  Express Business Systems
Presort Mail Services
Durham, NC
Eric Fore –
SS00-11-60049 09/01/2016
Mechanical Maintenance Dellew Corporation
Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance
Metro West Bldg
Baltimore, MD
SS00-09-60105 09/29/2013
  Revis Engineering
Wilkes-Barre Data Operations Center
Wilkes Barre, PA
SS00-06-60001 11/16/2013
Office Relocation Services A & A Transfer, Inc.
SS00-12-40043 07/01/2017
Office Moving Services Fulcrum International, Inc.
SS00-12-40044 07/01/2017
  Government Movers
Washington, D.C.
SS00-12-40041 05/31/2017
Office/Printer Supplies ABM Federal Sales
BPA – Printer Supplies
SS00-10-40012 02/04/2015
BPA – Lexmark Printer Supplies
SS00-10-40009 02/4/2015
Personnel Staffing All U Need Temporary Services
SS00-12-30800 07/05/2013
Pest & Rodent Control Innovative Pest Management
Baltimore, MD
SS00-08-60118 07/12/2013
Promotional Items/Advertising Ruchman and Associates, Inc. (Exhibit Display Management)
SS00-10-60049 05/02/2015
Repair & Alterations Drake, Inc.
Baltimore City
Baltimore County, MD
Stephanie Drake (202) 291-3174
SS00-10-60092 09/06/2015
Federal Contractors, Inc.
HDQT, Metro West & NCC
Baltimore, MD
Lisa Deane – 202-232-2068
SS00-10-60091 09/06/2015
Legacy Builders & Construction Services
HDQTR, Metro West & NCC
Baltimore, MD
Kinya Stewart – (410) 244-6734
SS00-10-60093 09/06/2015
Platinum One Contracting
NCC Center and Metro West Bldg.
Baltimore, MD
SS00-09-60031 04/30/2014
  ST Michaels Co., Inc.
Repair & Alterations
Baltimore, MD
SS00-08-60087 10/17/2013
Reprographic Services IKON Office Solutions
Copier Maintenance
Charles Hill at
SS00-10-60004 09/30/2014
Security Services Basic Contracting Service
Durham, NC
SS00-09-60012 10/31/2013
  Basic Contracting Service, Inc.
Metro West
Baltimore, MD
John Morgan –
SS00-11-60018 12/31/2015
  Whitestone Group, Inc.
Guard Svc.
Wilkes-Barre Data Operations Center
Wilkes Barre, PA
SS00-11-60022 06/30/2016
  Mike Garcia Merchant Security, Inc.
Albuquerque Tele-Service Center
 Albuquerque, NM
SS00-09-60032 07/31/2017
  Paragon Systems, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
SS00-08-60003 03/31/2018
Shredding Georgetown Paper Stock Co.
Secure Document Destruction & Recycle
Baltimore, MD
SS00-11-60042 08/31/2015
Telephone Maintenance Ciber, Inc.
(Fujitsu, Executone, Medley, Axxess, NEC 704i)
SS00-08-60150 10/31/2013< 
(Onsite technicians, repairs, software reprogramming)
Kansas City, MO;
Chicago, IL;
Wilkes Barre, PA
SS00-10-60017 03/05/2014
Telephone Maintenance (Cont’d) Mutual Telecom Services
(HQ - Northern Telecom Meridian)
SS00-08-60074<  08/25/2013< 
Toner Cartridges ABM Federal Sales
(Dell & HP Cartridges)
SS00-10-40012<  02/04/2015< 
(Lexmark Cartridges)
SS00-10-40009 02/04/2015
Training Pure Works, Inc.
Library of Online Web-based Courses
SS00-09-50323 09/22/2013
  Rosetta Stone
Foreign Language Training
SS00-11-31096 9/30/2014
Transcription Services   Free State Reporting
Transcription Services
Falls Church, VA
Debbie Serio (410) 974-0947X303
SS00-11-40012 02/29/2016
  Heritage Reporting Company
Falls Church
SS00-11-40013 02/29/2016
  National Capitol Reporting
SS00-11-40014 02/29/2016
Translation and Interpretation Services Advanced Language Systems International
Translation Spanish to English
Rody Nunez at
SS00-11-40160 09/22/2016
Bayfirst Solutions
SS00-10-60104 09/30/2015
  Cetra, Inc.
Editing foreign translated documents
Matt Richman –
SS00-11-40016 02/29/2016
  Dream Management, Inc
Spanish Translations Services
Luis Gutierrez (443) 451-9853
SS00-09-60113 09/29/2013
  KJ International Resources
Translate Claim from Spanish to English
Kristen Giovanis –
SS00-11-40161 09/26/2016
  Legal Language Services
Spanish to English
Rosaline Astefanous – 
SS00-11-40162 09/26/2016
  Schreiber Translation, Inc.
Translate Foreign Language  Documents to English
Mit Shattuck at
SS00-11-40015 02/29/2016
  TCS Associates
Video Remote Interpreting for Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Alan Abarbanell at
SS00-11-40144 04/30/2016
Transportation Services Dream Management, Inc.
Baltimore & Washington Metro Area
Luis Guitierrez (443)-677-9159
SS00-12-60085 09/29/2017
Warehouse Services Infused Solutions, LLC
Falls Church, VA
SS00-10-60009 04/30/2015
Waste Removal & Recycling Services Solid Waste Services, Inc.
Wilkes Barre, PA
Samuel Augustine – (267) 933-6034
SS00-06-60088 06/30/2016
Waste/Trash Removal Waste Management of Maryland, Inc.
Metro West
Baltimore, MD
Darnell Tenney (410) 796-7010
SS00-08-60086 07/31//2013
  Waste Management of Maryland
Headquarters & NCC
Baltimore, MD
Darnell Tenney (410) 796-7010
SS00-09-60015 02/28/2014
Water Treatment  Nalco Company
NCC & Main Complex
Baltimore, MD
Jason Karap at
SS00-11-60054 06/29/2016
Workstation, Peripherals, Accessories Lexmark
SS00-10-40013 08/14/2013