Welcome to the Internet Appeal Application.
Before you begin using this online application, it’s important that you meet four criteria, as this online application is not available to everyone.  You may appeal your decision online if all four of the following statements apply to you.
ONE: You have applied for disability benefits,
TWO: you have received a notice of decision,
THREE: you disagree with the disability decision and want to file an appeal AND
FOUR: you live in the United States or one of its territories.
If any of those statements are NOT true, please stop here and contact Social Security.
Here are some things you should know to help you prepare for and successfully use this application:

  • We recommend you have a working printer to print needed information.
  • Before you start your appeal, we recommend you view the “Tips for using this website”, review and print the checklist for filing a Disability Internet Appeal, and have that necessary information with you.
  • For security purposes, you will receive a time limit warning if you have been working on one page of the appeal for longer than 25 minutes. If you would like to continue when you see this message, simply select the option to continue working on that page. After three 25-minute warnings, you must move onto the next screen to prevent your information from being lost.
  • For easier navigation, use your mouse or the tab function to move around.
  • Avoid using your browser’s back button feature. This will end your session and your information may not be saved.
  • When prompted to print during the application, use the print feature located in your web browser.

Please note that there are two parts to this process:

  • First is the Disability Internet Appeal Application that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  During this part, we will ask you for updated information such as a new address or if you have a representative.
  • Second is the Disability Report that will take approximately 40 minutes to complete.  During this part, we will ask you to provide us with updated information about  your medical condition doctors and hospital visits, and how your condition affects your ability to work.

When you are ready to begin the application, please click “start your appeal”.   Thank you for using the Internet Appeal Application.