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Code of Federal Regulations

CFR 20 Title Page

SSA logo: link to Social Security Online home  §405.210 How to request review of an initial determination.

(a) Written request. You must request review by filing a written request. You should include in your request—

(1) Your name and social security number,

(2) If you have filed a claim for benefits based on disability under title II of the Act under an account other than your own, the name and social security number of the wage earner under whose account you are filing,

(3) The reasons you disagree with the initial determination on your disability claim,

(4) Additional evidence that you have available to you, and

(5) The name and address of your representative, if any.

(b) Time limit for filing request. We will review an initial determination if you request review in writing no later than 60 days after the date you receive notice of the initial determination (or within the extended time period if we extend the time as provided in paragraph (d) of this section).

(c) Place for filing request. You should submit a written request for review at one of our offices. If your disability claim is under title II of the Act, you may also file the request at the Veterans Administration Regional Office in the Philippines, or if you have 10 or more years of service, or at least five years of service accruing after December 31, 1995, in the railroad industry, an office of the Railroad Retirement Board.

(d) Extension of time to request review. If you want us to review the initial determination on your disability claim, but you do not request review timely, you may ask us for more time to request review. Your request for an extension of time must be in writing and must give the reasons the request for review was not filed, or cannot be filed, in time. If you show us that you have good cause for missing the deadline, we will extend the time period. To determine whether good cause exists, we will use the standards explained in §405.20 of this part.

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Last reviewed or modified Thursday Sep 21, 2006

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