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Code of Federal Regulations

CFR 20 Title Page

Subpart B—Initial Determinations

SSA logo: link to Social Security Online home  §405.101 Disability determinations.

The State agency, unless it makes a quick disability determination under §§405.105-.110, will adjudicate your claim using the applicable procedures in subpart Q of part 404 or subpart J of part 416 of this chapter or both and will apply subpart P of part 404 or subpart I of part 416 of this chapter or both. The disability examiner will make a determination based on all of the evidence. The written determination will explain in clear and understandable language the specific reasons for and the effect of the initial determination. It will also inform you of your right to review by a Federal reviewing official and your right to representation.

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Last reviewed or modified Thursday Sep 21, 2006

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